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Disneyworld Vacations, My Experiences

I've had some memorable Disneyworld vacations over my life. No two have been the same, and each has given me some great memories. The first of my Disneyworld vacations was when I was thirteen; my Dad and I camped at a place called "Yogi's Jellystone Campground". As it wasn't in the park, it was a very cheap place to stay. We brought a tent, but never bothered to put it up. After that first day of fun, we were so tired; we just climbed into the back of Dad's squareback WV, and got in our sleeping bags. Oh, did we sleep that night!

The next morning, we sought out a place to eat; preferably an economical place. Well, we found a breakfast buffet right outside the main gate that was fantastic! All kinds of eggs, sausage, bacon, and - best of all for me: pancakes. They'd even make you a custom omelet. I'd never had one, but as it was included in the price, I gave it a try. Oh, was it good. We figured chowing down big before we got into the park was the most affordable way to spend the day. That first day, we'd seen how expensive the food had been, and my Dad wanted a cheap alternative.

After that, we headed for the park. Now, back then, there was just the Magic Kingdom, so that made Disneyworld vacations a snap - you had one place to go. Also, my Dad was a classic early-riser; he was always up before dawn. Ugh, disgusting! Yet, this was one instance when I didn't mind. So, we got into the park lickity-split. In no time, we were parked, got our package of tickets for the day, and got on the monorail. That was always my favorite aspect of Disneyworld vacations; the monorail was so cool. But, usually the line was too long. Not at this hour.

By the time we got into Main Street USA, it was almost time for the park to open. I couldn't believe it; we were right up there with the first group. The rope came down, and we took off. With there being no lines, we made a beeline for Space Mountain. I'd so wanted to go on it sometime during our first day, but the line had been out the door of the attraction. We didn't want to wait that long. I mean, come on, Disneyworld vacation are not supposed to be about waiting in lines.

We got to Tomorrowland; it was dead empty, and headed for that magical ride. As expected, there was no line! Yes, victory was mine. We marched up that long winding walkway, and made our way to the "launch center". At that moment, my stomach tightened; I suddenly wasn't too sure about this. After all, this was a rollercoaster, and I'd never done well with those.

Still, we were determined to make this the first of many happy Disneyworld vacations. So, we stepped up and waited to get in. The attendant said we could sit in the same seat, and we did a double take. My Dad and I were both over six feet tall! Could we really fit? She said yes, and in we got. I had a sudden urge to leave and head for a nice cheap - quiet attraction; like say, the horse-drawn trolley!

The lady had up snap our seatbelts in, and she tightened them. Yeah, we were ready. The "rocket" started to move, and we made our way through a tunnel. After that, it was up, up, up the side of the "mountain". I had to wonder, was there still time to call this off? I didn't see how, short of jumping out. But, how could I live down that? Disneyworld vacations were all about fun, but embarrassment. And then it came; we made the plunge, and we were off! About a month later, we landed, and I was feeling a deep sense of regret at having eaten such a big breakfast. Yet, I was also feeling the most incredible sense of elation. Oh, what a ride.

Since then, I've gone on many Disneyworld vacations, and gone on Space Mountain more times than I can count. And yet, that first time stands out in my mind like no other.

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